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My Therapist once told me “What others say about you is none of your business” However this is what others are saying about my business.


This rogue coffee operation trades in two South London locales: Crystal Palace on weekends and a Wandsworth Town espresso bar. Its proprietor, Anto (“The Anarchist Barista”), is a coffee maestro who sources his beans from carefully selected sources, including a women’s co-op in Honduras. Roasting small batches of interesting coffees to which local “big boys” may not always have access, Anto’s off-the-high-street oases are where locals flock to get a fix and gain insider insight regarding process, drip, and flavor profiles
Food Republic

Anarchista Barista takes his beans and brewing technique very seriously. He uses beans from small local roaster (…)and any however this is what other interesting UK independents, such as Square Mile and Bristol-based Extract. He was a chef and a coffee machine servicer for 10 years, so he really knows his stuff.
Tales From The Tiny Kitchen


Whilst it’s positive that we’re seeing such an increase in independent coffee shop openings, the vast majority are identikit in style, merely ticking off trends in what has become slightly boring and uninspiring. It’s therefore refreshing to find a space that is doing it’s own thing, evolving along with the community, not simply changing the face of it’s home but working with it to improve things for all. Something I think many businesses would do well to learn from.


I ease myself into a window seat to gaze out onto the snowy tableau made for me but find myself drawn into the easy and convivial banter that is carried out amongst some local characters and light hearted heckling between barista Ant and his bunch of local and regular customers. The atmosphere is fun and enveloping, a comfortable fit amongst the quirky and eclectic backdrop of the shop. Faerietale Foodie

Have a browse, have a great coffee; a fun place to go drink joe. Damn Fine Joe

.. on the Crystal Palace Triangle is where you’ll find the last good coffee before you reach Brighton. Inside, Ant operates his La Pavoni lever machine, pulling shotsLe Cool London

This is a great little place that breaks the mould of most cafes. Keeping it real in Crystal Palace. Qype

The coffee is amazing well worth a visit Crystal Palace Local

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Retreat to this gem of a vintage shop (made famous for dressing Kate Moss) for what is arguably the best coffee in London. The amazing fairly-traded brews – carefully chosen by season and roasted at Extract Coffee Roasters – are ‘hand-pulled’ by Anto (…) on a restored Vintage 1964 Italcreme ‘spring lever’ Jellied Eel